100 Conversations for Social Innovation.

100 Cups of coffee. (100 Conversations for Social Innovation.)

100 Cups of coffee is an initiative where creative ideas and innovative people meet with their vocation. If you have an idea worth sharing, or know someone, or just want to help out in some way by using your talents and skills- Connect with me! It can be regarding ANYTHING.

There are 100 open spots to be filled.


How is works:

1) Email or phone me with your idea / business plan / set of skills, passion or talents and where you would like to get connected or where you have the capacity to create a connection.

2) Then, let me buy you a coffee so we can connect and talk.

3) Be prepared to connect with others and take responsibility for your dreams.

4) Spread the word and invite others.




You will form part of a network of people that not only wants to help you, but create a connection for you to help others as well. I am eager to hear your ideas!

You can see who said what by clicking on their pictures and reading up on them. Also keep an eye on the newsletter I’ll be posting on the blog! Make a booking, it’s free. I’ll be starting next week: Monday, 10 April 2014.

There are ONLY 100 spots open!

Francois Malherbe      |       francois@unravelling.co.za       |        0787703007

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