#100cups interview: Kwêla.

This week I had a wonderful opportunity to talk about my 100 Cups of Coffee initiative during a Kwêla interview at Meraki, in Stellenbosch. The second half of the day was shot on a BEAUTIFUL horse farm just outside of Stellenbosch called Klein Lanzerac Equistrian Club.

I mainly shared my thoughts on the back-end of the 100 Cups of Coffee and why it is SO very important for us all to follow our passion and actually live some of the questions in our heart. It was a wonderful day to talk about passion and the crew from Homebrew Films made it very easy and enjoyable!

Thank you to Lize Marie and Nikki for their time to come and share their passionate ideas. As well as Dewaldt and Rita for theirs! If you want to see those ideas in action- I’ll post the video link soon!

Remember to send me an email to share your ideas as well! I would love to buy you a coffee.



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