Courage, Coffee & Africa

Where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet; there lies your vocation.

Firstly, I need to mention that we grow and change as time goes by. Secondly, I hope you know by now that there is not one solution to your life.

The career of the future looks more like a portfolio than a path. 

Welcome to the world of “portfolioists.”

A portfolioist takes inspiration from many disciplines to create an adaptable, diversified, and personal career. They do the hard work of figuring out what the world truly needs, map it to a range of skills they possess (and enjoy), and fold it into a business model. This “portfolio” of skills, experience, roles and responsibilities might be wildly diverse, which both distributes risk and allows for experimentation. Unrelated experiences may combine to create very specific and valuable expertise.

The portfolioist’s career is a fly fishing box, with each skill in its place.

Portfolioism builds upon well-known paths. We’ve always had multi-talented people, revolutionaries, change-makers and more recently, multi-potentialites. But what is new about the way portfolioism manifests today is the degree to which individuals have agency over the portfolios that they build.

As David Brooks so invitingly put it; ‘We have to go from being promising to making promises.’

This is the time to prototype madly and to apprentice yourself to people who are good at the things you want to excel at in 15 years’ time. If you’re not sure what prototyping is, a wonderful place to start is the Designing Your Life workshop, presented by Francois Malherbe.

Francois Malherbe, director of Unravelling Exploration, commits to investicate those promises you want to make in a context of coaching, group facilitation and expeditions. Whether in a coaching process, a group or team, or using expeditions and exploration as a platform for self-exploration, we commit to create a safe environment for you to have the courage to live the questions in your heart.