Africa Expedition: Livingstone & Chobe.

Kenya Airways gave us a friendly greeting as we boarded the plane to Livingstone, Zambia. We arrived at Maramba River Lodge and the young explorers took their first proper look at the Overlanders, that would be taking them through four countries, and adding 26 stamps on their passports. They quickly had to learn the flow of an expedition. Putting up tents, making proper coffee and not running if you find a hippo or elephant in the path on your way to the river deck. Just some of the everyday realities.

The next day we ventured out towards Victoria Falls. What a majestic natural wonder. The young explorers did not know it at the time, but throughout the expedition they would walk in the footsteps of the great explorer, David Livingstone, and learn for themselves what it would have been like to discover something new. Whether being something as big as the Victoria Falls, or something as spectacular as rediscovering courage you did not know you had.

The next stop was Senyati Safari Camp in Botswana, not far form Kasane. To get to Botswana, we had to drive from Livingstone to the Zimbabwe border, through Zimbabwe and again into Botswana.

Senyati Safari Camp

Senyati has a magical watering hole, attracting up to 100 elephants throughout the night. There’s a bunker that takes you to within a couple of meters of them. When we arrived, the young explorers quickly put up their tents after the briefing and went off to explore. At sunset, you could see the wildlife coming in for a drink. It was quite and we sat and watched as the bush started to move softly and slowly with life.

On the next day, we set out to explore the Chobe National Park. This was by far a highlight, being as close to nature as one possible can. We had excellent guides from Thebe River Safari’s. The explorers realized that they are the future custodians of parks like these, and hopefully, we all get to experience wildlife like this- unchartered and free.

The next chapter saw us take the road again away from Botswana and Chobe, towards the heart of the Caprivi, in Namibia!

Stay tuned!

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