Canvas of My Life / Jason Momoa

When wanderlust gives way to direction and purpose.

This is a story of ultimate balance, bold and brave in any direction.

Where problems are solved through movement, and like climbing, it teaches us  to gracefully move through fear and doubt.

Long before Hollywood got ahold of Jason Momoa and turned him into a savage warlord and our latest superhero, he was just a kid who grew up the son of an artist from a family of builders and hunters from a small town in Iowa. Raised by a strong single mother, he craved everything his mom opened his eyes to, from art to music to rock climbing and skateboarding. All of this left a deep sense of adventure in his blood.

This is the story of a man hell-bent on remaining that kid – no matter how big he gets or where the world takes him. Because family, “My Ohana” as Jason likes to say, is all that matters to him.



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