The next two decades promise a full-scale revolution in our working lives. Before we look into the next 20 years, let’s take a quick look at the present. Coaching is not another name for therapy – it is exclusively focused on career-based vocational insights and how to enable individuals to identify, prioritise, creatively problem-solve and implement choices around achieving their goals, today.

The single biggest factor of work feeling more meaningful, is work contributing to the development of your inner self. This is called inner work: work that is focused on developing yourself.

Within a coaching process, you are invited to internalise the discoveries about yourself and use this new knowledge to make conscious decisions about your daily actions and habitual practices. Coaching is effective specifically because it is designed to meet the unique needs and expectations of each individual. It can thus positively, effectively and permanently impacts both you and / or the organisation you work for.

Through the process of integral coaching, Francois invites individuals and teams on a six or twelve week process of exploration.

Francois & The Future of Work:

The career of the future looks more like a portfolio than a path.

Welcome to the world of “portfolioists.”

A portfolioist takes inspiration from many disciplines to create an adaptable, diversified, and personal career. They do the hard work of figuring out what the world truly needs, map it to a range of skills they possess (and enjoy), and fold it into a business model. This “portfolio” of skills, experience, roles and responsibilities might be wildly diverse, which both distributes risk and allows for experimentation.

Unrelated experiences may combine to create very specific and valuable expertise.

The portfolioist’s career is a fly fishing box, with each skill in its place.

Portfolioism builds upon well-known paths. We’ve always had multi-talented people, revolutionaries, change-makers and more recently, multipotentialite. But what is new about the way portfolioism manifests today is the degree to which individuals has agency over the portfolios that they build.

As David Brooks so invitingly put it; ‘we have to go from being promising to making promises.’

This is the time to prototype madly and to apprentice yourself to people who are good at the things you want to excel at in 15 years’ time. If you’re not sure what prototyping is, a wonderful place to start is by having a coffee with Francois.

Francois commits to investigate those promises you want to make in a context of career coaching. Whether in a coaching process, a group or team, or using expeditions and exploration as a platform for self-exploration, we commit to create a safe environment for you to have the courage to live the questions in your heart.

The coaching costs are R3300 for six sessions. (@R550 per session)

A first session is free of charge.

Coaching Stats: The Annual ICF Global Coaching survey done by PWC shows the benefits of coaching:

  • Yielding investment returns of up to 344%
  • Coachees start implementing goals 62% more than before
  • Coachees are 68% more self aware than before
  • Coachees had a increase of 61% towards a more balanced life
  • Coachees stress levels dropped by 57%
  • Coachees self confidence increased by 53%

Benefits to individuals 

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality of work
  • Improved relationships with your current networks
  • Increased job satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment
  • Greater adaptability

Benefits for Organisations

  • Improved individual performance
  • Focused and effective development of people
  • Increased retention of staff – specifically, coaching supports the retention of top performers as it enables these individuals to optimise their feelings of fulfilment in the workplace, and to find their own, authentic working and leadership style

Info: the coaching process pdf