Did We Forget About Grit?

I have no time for IQ tests any more. Rather talk to me about grit, curiosity, optimism, social / emotional intelligence and zest. The most misunderstood educational tools education of our time.

After seeing, on a daily bases, the damage that certain psychologists have done by administrating a ‘test and tell’ approach on vocation, it took me some time to understand my role in this cause for responsible facilitation of vocation.

I have decided to dedicate the next 2 years to understand this issue as a whole, and I am very excited to document my findings. So let us start by talking about grit.

Grit is perseverance and passion for long-term goals.

As an educator, you may be hearing a lot about grit these days—and with good reason. Studies show that kids who demonstrate grit persist at hard tasks and outperform their competitors. Grit is a critical strength of most people who are successful. It is especially complex because it is related to other skills and mindsets such as optimism, purpose, growth mindset, bravery, and even self-control.

There are a lot of misconceptions about grit. Grit is much more than just encouraging kids to “try harder” or not give up—it’s also about helping kids find their passion. Having grit does not mean never quitting—it means quitting responsibly (and not just because times get tough) and sticking to the things to which you are truly dedicated.

Also have a look at this : https://characterlab.org/tools

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