Workshop outline: Half day Workshops.

Inspiring your Leaders or Entrepreneurs towards exploring their Dreams: a practical guide to Vocational Exploration

Outcome of the workshop: Career decision making is one of the most important tasks every individual has to face in his or her lifetime, a process already starting at school going age.

In South Africa, with its significant socioeconomic divide and skewed distribution of resources, entrepreneurs are not always motivated to dream, nor adequately equipped for making informed decisions about their futures.

The outcome of this workshop is to equip teachers, parents, mentors or other role players in a community with practical, easy-to-use resources which will enable them to take entrepreneurs or young learners on an explorative journey on which they will become excited about their future and prepared for their career path.


Why do learners need to dream?

  • What happens when we dream
  • What happens when we don’t dream
  • How do we make our dreams our reality

Guiding learners towards Self-Exploration

  • Helping learners to write their life story
  • Identifying the personal and contextual influences that impact our dreams
  • Activities in exploring personality, interests, values, strengths and resources
  • Getting the most out of job-shadowing

Guiding learners through Career Information

  • Accessing career and study information
  • Requirements for Further Education and Training
  • Online resources for teachers, parents and learners