#Microadventure Month

[dropcap type=”square” round=”yes” color=”#f5f5f5″ background_color=”#4583b3″ ]Planning for expeditions[/dropcap] requires not only careful consideration of the challenges ahead, but also a willingness to accept that you cannot prepare for every eventuality, and the confidence and nerve to trust yourself to figure things out along the way.

Adventure invites us to enjoy the journey, through all its stressful, daunting, exhausting, maddening, and amusing twists and turns. The end goal is not all that matters, and the more we enjoy the challenges along the way, the more likely we are to succeed in the long run.

Microadventures -short, adventurous journeys close to home- encourage people to take practical steps to challenge themselves by undertaking adventures of their own and improving their physical health, mental well-being, and all-important work/life balance. 5pm to 9am thinking is an idea that Alastair Humphreys applies to much more than just adventure…and we want to invite you as well.

Here is how is works!

winners micro

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