The Art of Exploration: Freedom Of Movement.

Last week I had a chance to talk to Roal Boezaart from Freedom of Movement. During the conversation it was easy to pick up on the explorative back-end on which they base their products. The Freedom to choose. The Freedom to Explore. Its’s Freedom of Movement.

Roal started small, running a one man show out of a small space and combining this with his final year Civil Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch. You can imagine it was not easy. As with so many who are in it for the passion and love of the product, he kept his wits and saw it through. Today they are brushing shoulders with icons of the industry and saw their leather goods being swept up recently at the Design Indaba hosted in Cape Town. They have built their team of experts to 7 people as well.

Being inspired by exploration myself, I cannot but enjoy the look and feel of their products. Especially “The Bobby” and “The Ted”. Go check it out for yourself at: Freedom of Movement. Their website will be up and running soon to let those orders stream in.

For any queries or questions, please contact:

Time to start your unique exploration, with one of these leather products!

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