The Art of Exploration: Nikki du Plessis; Bride Sidekick

I have known Nikki for some time now. She was actually one of the first people that took a big trip into Northern Mozambique with me in a team of vocational explorers. Nikki has a unique and energetic take on doing what she loves to do. She has started her own inspiring organization that facilitates style, fun, color and innovation.

She believes that she was put here by God to live out a purpose which is; to teach/show others how to use creativity and love to create real meaning. The mode is wedding planning.

She would love to become a connector, anything wedding, decor, flowers, styling, planning, creative, brand consulting, image consulting, business image consulting and events. And these are just some of the things that I personally know she is very good at!

Combining all of this, she started Bride Sidekick, a wedding industry insider that loves to help modern brides plan, DIY and design their dream wedding. Working side by side is exactly what being a sidekick is all about. Imagine, plan and create what you want, then leave the rest to her. As your sidekick, she’ll eliminate the stress and find you the perfect providers to make you and your budget happy.

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