Career decision-making is not a once-off activity, but a ongoing explorative process.

Coaching takes the explorer through a 6/12 week process of career decision-making starting with adequate awareness of oneself and one’s place in the world, as well as the self-efficacy which enables one to pursue one’s dreams in a realistic way

In order for an individual to gain self-knowledge, he or she has to have the opportunity to explore individual attributes like values and beliefs, personality, interests and skills. This process of exploration creates a better understanding of who he or she is, what he or she wants to achieve in the future and how one’s perceptions of self and the world one lives in, contribute to this decision making process. 

The Unravelling Coaching process invites you to trust yourself with your talents, skills, dreams and passion- no matter how big or scary they may seem.

The Unravelling Coaching process:

√ I am worth this dream
√ Lets get motivated
√ Lets start my story
√ Put dreams into ACTION plans
√ Goal setting
√ Access new possibilities!
√ Doing it NOW.

So, if you are a high school learner, student or young working millenial, let me buy the first cup of coffee.

Coaching programme costs are R3300 for six sessions. (@R550 per session)

Coaching Stats: The Annual ICF Global Coaching survey done by PWC shows the benefits of coaching:

- Yielding investment returns of up to 344% 
- Coachees start implementing goals 62% more than before
- Coachees are 68% more self aware than before
- Coachees had a increase of 61% towards a more balanced life
- Coachees stress levels dropped by 57%
- Coachees self confidence increased by 53%

Workshop material

AUE also provides Vocational Exploration workshops that are user friendly and relevant. Workshop content and material is addressed in a culturally sensitive way and therefore carefully designed and tailored for the specific needs of a cultural context. Workshop content is constantly being revised to see that is meets the outcomes set out for the workshop.

AUE envisions Vocational Exploration that is culturally friendly and relevant. In order to take the cultural context into account the following actions will precede a workshop:

- What makes me, ME?
- My life story
- How I perceive my world?
- My strengths?
- What I ascribe value to?
- My contextual influences?

Previous Unravelling Clients:

Stellenbosch University, Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert lnstitiure for Student Leadership Development, Deloitte, Stellenbosch Outdoor Sculpture Trust, Cape Town World Design Capital 2014, Space Age Technologies, Legacy Community Development, Make A Difference Foundation, African Education Week, Stellenbosch Congregation, Sirolli Institute, Several SME’s and various millenials, high school learners, entrepreneurs and individuals.